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Who we are

We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church located in Surrey, Canada. Here’s a little information about who we are and if you still have questions, feel free to send us a message!


Where we come from

Horizon has a rich history of Spirit empowered ministry that began in 1956 in Surrey and has had ongoing impact throughout the world. We continue to build upon the rich heritage that God has given us to see the transformation of hearts, homes, and regions through the freedom and purpose found in Jesus.


Where we’re headed

We see a church having a transformational effect through loving Metro Vancouver in acts of service. We see a church having a vision for our nation by both planting, and partnering with others to plant, life giving churches across our province and nation. We see a church with a global impact through partnering with local churches in leadership, education, community impact projects, advocating for the disabled, and empowering widows and orphans. 


What this means for you

This all means that we want to see you live your best God-given life. Below are a few steps that will help you on your journey to find your people, find your purpose and find His power.



Find Your People

We believe that the strength of your future is determined by who’s walking with you in your present. We could do life alone, but we know that our best life is found in relationship. We also believe that you grow faster and healthier with healthy relationships in your life. Here at Horizon we encourage everyone to be part of a group to connect with others. You’ll find friends to live life with - We are better together!



Find Your Purpose

We believe that God has created you with incredible purpose and has gifted you to make an impact. It can often be hard, however, to know how or what to do to see that happen. Grow track is four distinct steps after each service (with food!) to help you find your unique purpose. Grow will help you understand more clearly how you are designed so that you can begin to see your God given destiny revealed in a place of active service. We believe there’s nothing more fulfilling than walking out your purpose in service.



Find His Power

We believe that when we surrender to the power of God in us, we can overcome the mountains in front of us and experience our best life in God. However our experience has been that most Christ followers want that, but struggle to ever step fully in. Through our seminars, groups, and retreats, we will help you learn how to recognize the voice of Jesus. We believe that until we deal with our past, it will limit our present, and derail our future. We are dedicated to teaching and showing you how to access the power of God to be set free from the sins, hurts, and hang-ups of life. His gracious power to affect change within our lives is still available to us today!

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